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GJIIF is a B2B exhibition and a strict protocol is followed pertaining to issuing a visitor pass to a visitor


  1. Please note that when a pre-registration is made, this is only a provisional pre-registration. The registration is complete only after verification and validation of the following documents that are to be submitted along with this application.
    1. Visiting card of your firm with your name and designation.
    2. Photocopy of valid photo id (driving license, PAN card, election card, passport or Aadhar card).
    3. Photocopy of company’s GST Certificate / PAN Card / Company Registration Certificate / our location association certificate.
  2. Application forms once submitted cannot be cancelled or non-transferable under any circumstances.
  3. Visitors registration fee once paid is non-refundable or adjusted under any circumstances.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to restrict any pre-registered visitor as per its discretion, even if the visitor’s badges have been issued and-------------------registration fee paid.
  5. Entry is not allowed for children below 18 years. GJIIF 2022 IS A B2B TRADESHOW. NO SALES OVER COUNTER IS ALLOWED
  6. Photography inside the exhibition is strictly prohibited. The organizer reserve the right to confiscate the gadget or camera used.
  7. The organizer reserve the right to frisk the badge holder at the entrances, inside the exhibition halls and at the exit for security reasons.------------------- Your co-operation is solicited.
  8. Badge must be worn and displayed prominently at all times during your stay at the exhibition site.
  9. Badges will be issued on your arrival at the pre-registration counters during the exhibition hours.
  10. The organizer do not take responsibility for the loss or theft of any personal belongings.
  11. The consumption of banned substances is strictly prohibited in the exhibition venue.
  12. The event is subject to force majeure conditions.
  13. Photocopy of Xerox of this application will be considered null and void even if the payment is made.
  14. Carrying of bullion or bulk jewellery or cash more than Rupees One Lakh STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED.
  15. The organizer reserve the rights to alter terms and conditions at any point time for the better for the event.
  16. All the visitors should abide these regulations to gain entry / get the pass of GJIIF.

GJIIF is a B2B exhibition for South Indian jewellery organized at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai. This platform will provide the gem and jewellery sector an opportunity to explore various jewellery styles from across India multi-faceted aspects of the Industry.

Helpline: +91 9176002729